Oscar Jin

Founder of Jiusheng Doll, Oscars studied in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (top 3 in China). Since 2000, he worked on sculpture. In 2008, he started on wax art, such as wax figures of political celebrities, TV stars and so on. He had been on wax art creation for more than 10 years.

“I have a simple goal that people deserve a perfect lifelike doll, with realistic face, pretty makeup, soft skin, flexible skeleton. And for all these years, I have also supported other brands to create amazing doll faces. I am lucky to see people love those faces.”

Jiusheng Doll

Jiusheng-doll brand, though founded in 2018, is a OEM&ODM doll factory of several doll brands for years. Jiusheng specializes in super realistic silicone head, and semi-permanent realistic makeup on Tpe body.
We have been very talented in realistic doll head creation for particular. That’s why some doll brands such as WM, JY have been in contact with us for head creation.

We think sex doll is a piece of art. We think sex doll is your dear companion, your good companion. We pursue realism. We pursue creativity. We pursue quality.

How We Create A Doll Head?

We make each face unbelievable unique and amazing, from forehead to eyes, from eyes to chin, from chin to nose, from nose to lips, we make sure the face to be appealing.

How We Create A Doll Body?

We make sure you have the perfect body shape, with super realistic body details. You will be amazed by each part of your doll, even by the toes and fingers.

How We Produce A Doll Head?

Each artist has taken makeup course for months before they can make a perfect makeup on your doll. Detail is everything, even eyebrows and eyelashes are implanted one by one.

How We Produce A Doll Body?

We double check each production step to pursue details and high quality, just to make sure that your doll has perfect skin, amazing softness, flexible movements.